Shaynie Klein is a Collection Management and Reference Librarian at a small Midwestern public library. A long-time writer of haiku and tanka, with publication in various small literary journals, she is new to flash fiction.

Ray Bradbury : "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." Shaynie Klein

Leodegraunce: Shaynie, please tell Leodegraunce readers a bit about your background.

Shaynie Klein: Throughout my working life, I have always aimed to work with words in one way or another : I've worked for college professors who needed a combination research assistant and proofreader/copy editor, as a proofreader/copy editor for book publishers and advertising agencies, and for the past 14 years have worked at my most favorite job of all as a Technical Services Librarian in Collection Management at a public library.

Leodegraunce: How long have you written flash fiction and what drew you to it?

Shaynie Klein: Although I am not a novice writer, having been writing poetry for several decades -- mostly haiku and tanka -- I have only been writing flash fiction for three months. A sudden realization came upon me that "flash fiction is like the haiku and tanka of PROSE"...and here I am now, writing in a prose genre that provides me with particular limits and expanses as do haiku and tanka in the poetry genre.
Leodegraunce: What are some of your recent works?

Shaynie Klein: The other works that I have written in these few months are fan fiction in the "Canadian Six Degrees" fandom, and not cited here by name due to copyright matters.

Leodegraunce: Tell us some your writing plans for 2011?

Shaynie Klein: I intend to continue making monthly submissions to Leodegraunce; it's a very creativity-sparking prompt for me. I also intend to write some longer-than-flash fiction for "Canadian Six Degrees".

Leodegraunce: What is your top writing tip for aspiring authors?

Shaynie Klein: I have two tips, in quotation form. Arthur Polotnik : "Write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside you. Edit to let the fire show through the smoke." Ray Bradbury : "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."