(UPDATED 9/5/2011)
Angela Sargenti is one of my favorite flash fiction authors.  This month she makes her third appearance at Leodegraunce with her flash fiction "Paradox."  Revisit her interview HERE.
Angela has self-published two romances and is the author of the zombie blog, After Old Joe.  She writes occasional movie reviews and articles for e-zines and zombie stories for Lost Zombies.  She also writes erotica under the pen name, A. R. Shannon.

My top writing tip for aspiring writers is, never give up. Angela Sargenti

Leodegraunce: Angela, please tell Leodegraunce readers a bit about your background.

Angela Sargenti: I’ve been writing since I was about ten, when my dad brought home some beat-up old typewriter for us to play with. I took to it right away and have been writing ever since. I’ve self-published two novels, The Wendy House and Tropical Temptation, both of which are available on Amazon.

Leodegraunce: How long have you written flash fiction and what drew you to the genre?

Angela Sargenti: "Vlad" is the first flash fiction I ever wrote. I tend to be sort of a minimalist these days, I guess, and it appealed to me when I read the guidelines. I happened to be in a good, creative mood that day, so the story just came to me.

Leodegraunce: You're a huge zombie fan?

Angela Sargenti: Zombies are so fun to write about, although I haven’t done much of it lately.

Leodegraunce: You're also an erotica writer.  What are you working on for 2011?

Angela Sargenti: I’ve been on an erotica kick, and I publish stuff under my pen name, A. R. Shannon. Right now I’m working on rewriting a novel I wrote a while back, and I’m also working on a novel about a sex-crazed young girl.

Leodegraunce: What is your top writing tip for aspiring authors?

Angela Sargenti: My top writing tip for aspiring writers is, never give up. Take a break from writing for a while if you need to (and who doesn’t?) But never give up entirely. It can happen.