BIO: Amanda Earl is gently returning to prose after a few years hiatus.

"Read." -  Amanda Earl

Leodegraunce: Amanda, please tell Leodegraunce readers a bit about your background.

Amanda Earl: I write poetry and used to write erotic fiction. I would like to write fiction again and my first attempt was "This Dark Economy." I was a member of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association (ERWA) from 2004 to 2007 (or 2008) where I learned a lot about writing sexy stories and writing in general. For more info on my hijinx and shenanigans, please consult Amanda Earl.

Leodegraunce: How long have you written flash fiction and what drew you to it?

Amanda Earl: I started in 2004 via the ERWA. I find it a challenge to create a story using few words.

Leodegraunce: What are some of your recent works?

Amanda Earl: In poetry, my chapbooks, which include "Welcome to Earth - poem for alien(s)" (Book Thug, 2008)
and in fiction a reprint of my story "Brianna's Fire" in Surrender (Cleis Press 2010).

Leodegraunce: What are some of your writing plans for 2011?

Amanda Earl: I'm working on two poetry manuscripts at the moment and starting a research project, inspired by a silver spoon I found on a local street. I hope the research project will turn into fiction. Much of my time is spent writing grant applications to get funding for my work and to be able to go on reading tours.

Leodegraunce: What is your top writing tip for aspiring authors?

Amanda Earl: Read.